Thursday, April 30, 2009


Two more digital paintings that i did this year. Please note the layout for the first one is NOT mine. It was given out by our instructor and we were to paint it in gray scale. The second one was drawn by me but the original concept belongs to our layout teacher. He handed out the funpack and we had to draw the layout from the storyboards and other info provided. Then in painting we had to paint it in a more graphic style.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Done for 4 months!!!

Okay so it's been awhile so i thought i would throw up the final colour versions of my medieval project. We have the Character line up and the Final Background painting. With that school is done for the summer. I am a little worried i am go stir crazy not having homework for four months. I am going to try and redo a bunch of my work so I can use it for my portfolio next year but i also want to work on my life drawing, read the illusion of life cover to cover and do some personal art work....well maybe i wont be that bored after all!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Beat Boards

Here are the beat boards for my final assignment in story boarding this term. It's a simple little story about a princess that wants her friend dragon to live at the castle. Her Lady in Waiting wont let so the princess hides the dragon around the castle until she breaks her lady in waiting into a sobbing pile of emotional baggage. Then the dragon teams up with the dim witted Knight and becomes his horse thus being able to live in the stables of the castle. I only have to board the second sequence where the knight and lady in waiting search for the dragon.